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S. Margherita Ligure: ART & culture


Villa Durazzo Centurione

Built in 1678 in typical Genoese style as summer residence of Durazzo Family, it was sold to Centurione family in 1821. In 1919 it was acquired by Alfredo Chierichetti who expanded the park with exotic plants, new cobblestones tracks, neoclassical sculptures and plant racks. Since 1973 Villa Durazzo is property of Santa Margherita Ligure Municipality that opened it to the public. Visitors can admire the Prince’s Apartments with their original furnishings, frescoes and 17th century Genoese paintings as well as the Vittorio G. Rossi Museum, a reconstruction of the studio of this important writer from Santa Margherita. From the park terraces it is possible to enjoy of a wonderful view over the town and the Tigullio Gulf.

Villa Durazzo

Cervara Abbey

The Abbey, built in 1361 and dedicated to Saint Gerolamo, is an ancient monastic complex located along the provincial road that from Santa Margherita Ligure leads to Portofino. The abbey is now characterized by a small church, a 16th century cloister, an ancient tower, where in 1525 King Francis I of France was imprisoned after the defeat in the Battle of Pavia, and a striking Italian style garden. At the end of the 18th century, following Napoleon Bonaparte’s edict to suppress all religious orders, the complex was abandoned and pillaged. In 1912 it was declared an Italian National Monument. Today the Abbey is privately owned and, after a long restoration, has been re-opened to the public.

Cervara Abbey

Baroque Churches

Santa Margherita Ligure is also known for its numerous Baroque churches, built all between the beginning of 17th and the end of 18th centuries. The Basilica of S. Margherita di Antiochia, Saint Patron of the city, has a beautiful façade with two bell towers and precious Genoa School paintings in the inside. San Giacomo di Corte Church lies in a panoramic position, near Villa Durazzo, dominating the hamlet of Corte: it features important 19th century frescoes by Nicolò Barabino. San Lorenzo della Costa Church and Our Lady of the Carmel Shrine in Nozarego lie on the hills behind the town: the first features an important 15th century Flemish triptych and a Luca Cambiaso painting.



At the feet of Villa Durazzo hill, it was built in 1550 to defend the village against Saracens incursions. After a restoration it is now used as a small exhibition centre.

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Villa Durazzo Centurione

Built in 1678 in typical Genoese style as summer residence of Durazzo ...


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