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RI.CRE.S SRL is a consulting company founded in 2011 by Alessandro Sauda and Paola Zaganelli. In its 10 years of activity, it has gained great experience in the field of financed training and business consulting thanks to an agile, young and highly professionalized structure, able to respond to the needs that the client requires. It operates throughout the country and its main customers are small, medium and large enterprises.
The financed training represents the core business of the company.
In the field of financed training RI.CRE.S. deals with:
- offering consulting services for the evaluation and choice of Inter-professional Funds to which to adhere;
- Define the company training needs;
- Identify the most effective didactic tools and training methodologies;
- Obtain the Agreements between the Social Parties;
- Draw up the training plan in line with the selected public notices;
- Recruit trainers in line with company needs;
- Manage the plan and report on it.
The financing used is mainly provided by the Inter-professional Funds.

The following subjects can join the Inter-professional joint Funds:
- Employers who pay contributions against involuntary unemployment and who fully apply the relevant collective agreements.
- In the case of groups of companies, the holding company, exclusively for its own workers, for those of the group or one of the companies belonging to the group.
- Consortia of companies set up according to art. 2602 of the Civil Code, for their own workers or for those of the consortium companies.
- Temporary Associations of Companies (ATI) or Temporary Associations of Purpose (ATS).
- Employees of companies in good standing with contributions can be the recipients of training, although there are no restrictions on the presence in the classroom of auditors ( as other business associates).

Ri.Cre.S. customers are:
- SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES for access to financed training services and for activities supported by direct funds;
- LARGE ENTERPRISES for financed training and strategic consulting activities;
- CONSORTIUMS OR BUSINESS NETWORKS for access to training services financed by inter-professional funds and vouchers and for strategic and operational consulting;
- trade associations for training financed by inter-professional funds and direct funds;

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