Corzetti del Levante

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Corzetti del Levante

Ingredients for 4 servings
200 g of chestnut flour
100 g of white flour
one egg
pesto sauce

This handmade pasta is a medaillon stamped with a wooden seal, that can be personalized with a symbol or design.
It can be made with chestnut flour as suggested in the recipe, or with white flour.

Set out the two types of flour and salt in a circle on kneading board, break the egg in the middle of the circle and mix the ingredients, gradually adding enough warm water until the dough is of a smooth consistency and does not stick to the fingers.

Knead until smooth and elastic, gather into a ball, sprinkle with flour and let rest for about one hour.

Roll out the pasta dough (not too thin), cut into circles and stamp with wooden seal.

Boil in salted water for about two minutes, remove from the pot with slotted spoon to drain and serve with pesto sauce.
Time required: about 1 hour (not counting the resting time for the pasta dough).