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Whale watching

 Regular whale watching expeditions began in this area in 1996: a journey of expected thrills on the open seas.

The excursion lasts some 4 hours from when the boat heads out towards the watery horizon. The idea is to sight and observe a wide range of resident mammal species in their natural habitat, the International Cetacean Sanctuary.

Once out of the great port of Genoa, after about 30 minutes of sailing, the ocean floor is about 1000 to 1500 meters deep and the likelihood of a sighting increases by leaps and bounds. There is always a marine biologist on board to comment on the sightings, identify the species, provide information and acquire research data.

The excursion, suitable for individuals or little groups, is available from April until October; during summer period it is also possible to leave from Camogli.

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