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Visit to the Tonnarella of Camogli

Tuna-fishing nets are one of the symbols of fishery in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite this, in the last century, they began to close one by one, victims of modern techniques of deep sea fishing and the infrequency of catches that does not provide certainty of income.

Nowadays in Italy there are only three Tonnaras still working: one in Sicily, two in Sardinia, and one in Liguria, in Camogli.

Better known as Tonnarella, it is located in the sea of Marine Protected Area of Portofino. This fact could appear as a contradiction, but it is not so, because the activity, testimony of culture and marine tradition, is carefully managed and represents a selective and sustainable fishing system. Sustainability bases particularly on the use of a vegetable fiber network fully biodegradable and on the size of the mesh.

But the Tonnarella has also become a very attractive tourist site, welcoming visitors from all over the world each summer.

Portofino Coast offers an excursion by boat or rubber dinghy to give a closer look to this extraordinary activity and live an unforgettable sea experience.

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