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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking originates from Finland during the Thirties. It was practiced as a summer training for cross country skiing, but it is only in 1997, thanks to the cooperation between a Finnish student and a manufacturer of poles, that the new sport called Nordic Walking starts to be practiced as Fitness activity.
Afterwards the technique of this sport has been improved and combined with strengthening, stretching and coordination exercises, ensuring the use of 85%-90% of body muscles.
Today Nordic Walking is practiced by about 8 million people around the world.

The technique of Nordic Walking is based on a correct and natural gait, where first of all posture must be correct. Body must be lined up and steady, shoulders relaxed, the pace quite wide and the foot support must include a complete roll.
Using special poles it is possible to give a push and then boost the pace. This activity also requires a correct and complete breathing. For all these reasons Nordic Walking is a very beneficial activity for body and mind.
It is important to learn how to transfer these skills in our everyday life.

Portofino Coast represents the ideal setting for this motivational activity, along the paths of the beautiful Natural Park of Portofino, with the assistance of an environmental guide and specialized coaches of the "Nordic Walking Italian School”.

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