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Cooking Together

Cooking together in joy in one of the most extraordinary Restaurants of the Italian Riviera is truly a unique and exciting experience.
Portofino Coast proposes the most cheerful and funny Cooking Class in a real country restaurant located at a short distance from the sea, where you can find the aromas and flavors of traditional Ligurian cuisine, revisited with imagination.

In a bright and colorful ambience, surrounded by an exceptional collection of original drawings of the most famous cartoonists in the world, and under the careful and engaging guidance of one of most original chefs in Portofino Coast, you will cook the most tempting dishes of the Ligurian cuisine: vegetable pies, pasta, bread, sauces, soups, mushrooms. Depending on the season you will choose from time to time the ingredients and recipes, to spend a morning in laborious glee.
At the end, when bread and cake will be baked, everyone will pass from words to deeds, accompanied by a bottle of good wine.

A tasting Team Building activity to discover some of the secrets of Ligurian cuisine, working together in a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates the team spirit.

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