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Portofino Coast gets its fill of Blue Flags

23/05/2017 -  Once again in 2017 Liguria confirms as one of the Italian queens of clean sea. With its 27 resorts it is in fact the most rewarded region of this important recognition, awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure, Chiavari, Lavagna and Moneglia, the Blue Flag seaside resorts in the province of Genoa, are all located along Portofino Coast, reflecting the great attention that had always existed in this area for the environment and for sustainable tourism.

The great landscape and environmental richness of these places is a valuable patrimony that must be protected and made usable in a sustainable way.

A concept that has now become a common heritage in these places, loved and appreciated all over the world for their beauty, but also for the extraordinary richness of an enviable naturalistic and environmental heritage.