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Western Tigullio

Gourmet itineraries in Portofino Coast

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Western Tigullio

The road going from Chiavari to Portofino is one of the most spectacular of the Region: the Mount of Portofino is the protagonist, with the elegance of its silhouette stretched out to the sea of Tigullio Gulf.
This area is characterized by a charming atmosphere.
Luxurious hotels, trendy spots, fashion boutiques, but also prestigious restaurants, where it is possible to taste delicious dishes of local and international cuisine.

An ideal gourmet itinerary starts in Chiavari, where you can taste different kind of salted pies, the Minestrone, a rich vegetable soup, the Farinata (chick pea pie), the Chick pie soup, Stewed stock-fish Ligurian style, and delicious sweets, like the cake of Chiavari, "Sorrisi" and "Carruggetti" sweets.

In the inland Leivi is the area of excellence for the production of extra virgin olive oil, thanks to a long tradition and to the work of local producers.

In Rapallo it is possible to taste famous "Cubeletti", short crust pastries filled with apple jam.

Santa Margherita Ligure is famous for its Red Prawns that are fished and sold by local fishermen and served in the best restaurants of the Tigullio Gulf.

In Portofino, seated in a “veranda” on the celebrated Piazzetta it is possible to taste the famous "Paciugo", a delicious ice-cream poached into bitter cherry syrup with rhum.