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Paradiso GULF

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Paradiso GULF

The enchanting Paradiso Gulf ranges from the western side of Portofino Promontory along the coast towards Genoa.

There you find Camogli, with its wonderful sunny beach and colorful houses, which represents the ideal stopping place to taste Portofino Coast flavors.
In its restaurants overlooking the sea, in addition to traditional local dishes, guests can taste the delicious Salted Anchovies, prepared according to the classic fishermen recipe, or the yummy “Camogliesi”, greedy pastries made with puff dough and filled with Rum custard.

At the west end of Portofino Coast lies Recco, the Ligurian food capital.
Amongst its many specialties, like Trofie for example, you can find famous Recco Cheese Focaccia, a soft flat bread filled with crescenza cheese.
With its extraordinary flavor it is well known all over the world.