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Communication Festival

From 08/09/2022 to 11/09/2022 - Camogli

The Festival of Communication, conceived and directed by Rosangela Bonsignorio and Danco Singer, returns with its ninth edition to be held from September 8 to 11, 2022 in the streets and squares of Camogli.

The 2022 edition, dedicated to the theme of Freedom, will also be a journey between science and technology, devoted to the discovery of the new and, above all, to understanding how the innovations we talk so much about lead to equally new interpretations and nuances of the very concept of being free.
The National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Human Technopole, the University of Genoa and the Italian Institute of Technology will bring to Camogli great personalities from the Italian scientific-technological scene, and among the topics will be Free Will and Artificial Intelligence, progress and law, metaverse, crypto-art, NFT, mechatronics and much more.

Lectures, dialogues, panel discussions, interviews, workshops, performances, excursions, exhibitions and installations.
Four days, in memory of Umberto Eco and the participation of dozens of guests.

Here is the complete program with dates, times and locations of individual events for the four-day festival. All events are free of charge and reservations will open on Monday, Aug. 29, at 12 noon. For journalists attending the Festival, it is possible to report attendance and apply for journalistic accreditation (but you still need to make reservations for individual events).

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